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2400 Allen Street in Uptown
Dallas, Texas 75204


State & Allen Kitchen+Bar is one of those Dallas neighborhood restaurants that's as real and as effortlessly fun as the people who frequent it.

A place for a quick cocktail, or impeccably prepared food accompanied by a selection from an impressive wine list.


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5 Thing You Must Do at State & Allen

State & Allen

The days are just better at State & Allen. The people, the atmosphere, the best patio in Uptown, it’s the place to see and been seen. If you haven’t been to State & Allen recently, here are 5 things you must do: 

1.    Bring Your Dog for People Watching on the Patio

 Yes, that’s right. Dogs are welcome anytime at State & Allen. In fact, State & Allen was the first patio in Dallas to allow our 4-legged best friends to join in on the fun. So head out for a stroll, and then swing by State & Allen’s patio for drinks, brunch, or maybe dessert and wine after dinner.

2.    Make Your Own Bloodys at our Famous Bloody Mary Bar

As if our famous Uptown brunch was not enough, we’ve upped the ante with the only Bloody Mary Bar in Uptown! All the fixins – olives, celery, onions, etc. – available for you to make it just how you like it! It’s the perfect brunch accompaniment and hangover cure.

3.    Impress a Date with Our Impeccable Bistro Entrees

At State & Allen, we recently overhauled our menu and some of the new entrée offerings are sure to impress. How about some Veal Scallopini? Or maybe the Pasta Del Mar: shrimp, crab, and mussels tossed with asparagus, fresno peppers, and spinach, then served over al dente pasta with a side of grilled corn vin blanc. These are just a couple of the amazing Dallas dinner entrees available on our bistro menu.

4.    Join our Scotch Club

State & Allen is known for our wide selection of liquors and beers, and our Scotch Club is definitely one to join. If you love scotch, and love trying new scotch, then this one is for you! The more you drink, the more you earn! Ask the hostess for details on membership.

5.    Commiserate over Happy Hour

It’s been a long work day, but Dallas happy hour at State & Allen is where it’s at! Drink specials on all your favorite beers, mixed drinks, and shots, makes happy hours at State & Allen the happiest hours of the day!

See you this week at State & Allen!

state & allen kitchen dallas


Happy Hour Favorites at State & Allen

State & Allen

We hear ya! It’s been a long day – or a long week! – and you’re ready to unwind and relax. That’s why State & Allen offers amazing Dallas happy hour specials from 3-7pm, Monday-Friday.

State & Allen Kitchen + Bar is your Uptown stop for fabulous drink specials, great food, and a lively atmosphere. When you come in between 3-7pm, Monday-Friday, you’ll get deals like:

·      $3 Domestics: Budweiser, Miller Lite, Coors, etc.

·      $4 House Wines: We’ve got a great selection of house reds, whites, etc. that are perfect for any palette.

·      $3 Texas Trinity: We call it the Texas Trinity because you can get any drink mixed with Nue Vodka, Henderson Whiskey, or Dulce Vida Tequila for just $3.

If you haven’t tried our Texas Trinity spirits, it’s time you gave them a try!

Henderson Whiskey is a smooth whiskey crafted right here in Dallas, Texas. It needs no accompaniment and really is best ordered neat.  Dulce Vida Tequila is lauded as the Most Awarded Tequila. You’ll find that it’s organic, 100 proof, tequila, handcrafted with agave from the Los Altos highland region of Mexico. Lastly, Nue Vodka is another hometown favorite, founded by two brothers right here in Dallas, Texas. We love featuring new up-and-coming spirits for you to try and fall in love with!

And if you can’t make it for Happy Hour – don’t worry! Because there are always drink specials going on at State& Allen Kitchen + Bar! Each day of the week, a different beverage or spirit is highlighted.

·      Tuesdays: Half Priced Draft Beer

·      Wednesdays: Half Priced Wine

·      Thursdays: $3 Martinis

·      Fridays: $3 Texas Trinity – anytime, day or night!

So after you’ve had a long day at the office, stop into State & Allen and let us serve you up a few Happy Hour specials! We’ll be waiting for you!

state allen beer

State & Allen Celebrates Women's History Month

State & Allen

No doubt, women make a huge contribution to society, let alone the restaurant industry! The month of March is Women’s History Month, a month when we celebrate and pay tribute to the countless women who have made this nation – and this state – great!

For the restaurant industry specifically, women make an invaluable contribution.

Countless women hold roles as restaurant owners, chefs, wait staff, hostesses, etc. In fact, over HALF of the restaurants in America are owned or co-owned by a woman! Boil that down to a state level: with 41,000+ restaurants in the state of Texas – supporting 1.2 million jobs and accounting for 10% of the state’s employment –it’s safe to say that women are pretty valuable to the overall balance and infrastructure of the restaurant industry!

State and Allen is proud to have many amazing women on staff, and one such woman is Eleanor Moore.

state allen women history month

With over thirty years of experience in the restaurant industry, Eleanor recently joined us as the Controller for State & Allen Kitchen + Bar, Savoring Catering, and Calabrese & Winkler Holdings, LLC.

She began her career as a waitress early in her adult life, working her way up to hostess, and then short order cook. In 1980, she was offered an office position and jumped at the opportunity to learn the inner-workings of how a restaurant was run. She loved learning new things and seeing the corporate side of the restaurant business. She stayed with that company for 33 years, developing business savvy and hands-on experience into how a restaurant functions on the business side of things.

State & Allen is proud to have a woman with such experience and knowledge of the restaurant industry leading the charge!

Join us this week for Women’s History Month and the best happy hour, lunch, dinner, or brunch in Uptown Dallas, Texas.