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2400 Allen Street in Uptown
Dallas, Texas 75204


State & Allen Kitchen+Bar is one of those Dallas neighborhood restaurants that's as real and as effortlessly fun as the people who frequent it.

A place for a quick cocktail, or impeccably prepared food accompanied by a selection from an impressive wine list.


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Anything But Bland: Gourmet Salads at State & Allen

State & Allen

Many people think “salad” and they cringe.


We get it.


A salad doesn’t really compare to a filet mignon, but if you order a salad at State & Allen, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you find. And with New Year’s Resolutions fresh on the brain, why not give one of our gourmet Dallas salads a try!


Entrée Worthy Options

Here’s the thing: we want you to be able to enjoy our salads as an entrée and not just a side or starter. What that means is that our salads are hearty; chock full of delicious ingredients sure to fill you up – without packing on the calories. Try unique protein offerings like portabello mushroom or shrimp. Or maybe add a creamy avocado. And of course, blackened chicken is always a good idea.


Dallas Scratch Kitchen Salads

Part of being a Dallas scratch kitchen means coming up with unique flavor combinations that wow the senses. Sure, we’ve got some familiar favorites, but we love trying new things too. Here are a few of the unique Dallas salads currently on our menu:


·      Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna: Perfectly seared rare Ahi Tuna is coupled with freshly chopped Napa cabbage, carrots, radish, cucumbers, jicama, spiced peanuts, and a miso peanut vinaigrette. Crunchy and light, you’ll love this salad!

·      Warm Spinach & Chicken Paillard: Want something to warm you up on a cold North Texas day? Give the warm spinach salad a try! Chicken, wild mushrooms, purple-hulled peas, sun-dried tomatoes, red peppers, goat cheese, and pine nuts are drizzled in warm olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. It’s healthy comfort food for the win!

·      The Original Silver Bowl Salad: By far our most popular salad, it’s hard to resist the delicious tastes of the Silver Bowl Salad! Who wouldn’t love a bed of romaine lettuce piled high with spicy chicken, red bell peppers, orange slices, grapes, bacon, and 2 homemade dressings – Caesar and Balsamic Vinegarette?!


Join us at State & Allen Kitchen + Bar this week for some of the best salads in Dallas, Texas

dallas salad near me state and allen.jpg

Get the Best Lunch Specials in Dallas at State & Allen Kitchen + Bar!

State & Allen

Not sure what to get for lunch today? Tired of the frozen meals you keep bringing to lunch and popping in the microwave?


State & Allen has the perfect solution for you: daily lunch specials! In fact, our lunch specials are so delicious and priced just right, we’d be willing to bet they are the best in Dallas! So what’s on the menu? Read on –


Mondays – Half Priced Pizza


So Mondays are a bonus day, because not only will you get half priced gourmet pizza during lunch hours, but you can get it all day long! Freshly tossed crust, a plethora of gourmet toppings, and ooey gooey cheese make State & Allen the perfect place to get over the Monday blues. Just don’t forget to order a craft beer to go with it!


Tuesdays – $8.95 Chef’s Special


Tuesdays are a wildcard when it comes to our Dallas lunch special, but don’t you worry. If you’ve ever eaten any of our scratch kitchen entrees at State & Allen, then you know you’re in for a treat! Everything from sliders, to beef tenderloin, to Mexican sopas – you just never know what our chefs have up their sleeves!


Wednesdays - $8.95 Shrimp Fettuccine & Fresco Cream Sauce


One of our most popular entrees, just downsized to lunch portions and easier on the wallet....don’t miss Wednesdays at State & Allen! Our guests rave about the smoked fresno cream sauce, tossed with sun dried tomatoes, shrimp, and bacon, then drizzled on al dente pasta. Stop by this Wednesday to find out what the fuss is about!


Thursdays - $8.95 Texican Entrees


With all of the Tex-Mex in Dallas, it’s easy to forget that State & Allen also has an amazing Tex-Mex menu that we like to call “Texican.” Street tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and more – come in to find out what we’re serving this Thursday!

Tacos El Carbon with Mexican Salad - Scratch Kitchen Tex-Mex at State & Allen Kitchen + Bar!

Tacos El Carbon with Mexican Salad - Scratch Kitchen Tex-Mex at State & Allen Kitchen + Bar!


Fridays - $8.95 Beer Battered Fish & Chips


No need to cross the pond for delicious fish and chips; State & Allen’s got you covered! Join us on Fridays for Dallas drink specials and the best deep fried fish and chips around!


Mark your calendar to join us at State & Allen this week for Dallas lunch specials! Served 11am-4pm each weekday, we know you won’t be disappointed. 

Bourbon 101: Understanding the Terminology

State & Allen

It all starts with one sip.


You take one sip of the good stuff, and you’re hooked. And as your love for bourbon grows, so does your interest in understanding what all the terms mean. Don’t you worry – State & Allen is here with a crash course in some of the most popular bourbon terminology:




Mashbill is simply the recipe that is used to create the bourbon. Each distillery has its own propriety method, using it’s own custom blend of corn, barley, rye, or other yeasts.


Straight Bourbon


Straight bourbon is bourbon that has been aged in its barrel for at least 2 years. In 1964, Congress passed laws around bourbon production, ruling that in order to be called bourbon, it must be aged in new, charred oak barrels, have at least 51% corn, have nothing added but water and yeast, be produced in the United States, and cannot be distilled more than 160 proof.


High Rye Bourbon


Bourbons are traditionally made with a blend of corn, rye, and barley. As you might have guessed, high rye means that the rye content is much higher than the average 8-10% rye. State & Allen carries several high rye bourbons including Basil Hayden, a light, spicy rye, and Bulleit, a rye that is a little more fruity.


Wheated Bourbons


As we mentioned, most bourbons use a blend of corn, rye, and barley, but there are some – called wheated bourbons or wheaters – that use wheat in place of rye for a blend of corn, wheat, and barley. Maker’s Mark and Wellers are two of the most popular wheated bourbons at State & Allen’s restaurant and bar in Dallas, Texas.


Single Barrel Bourbon


Single barrel bourbon means that the bourbon in that barrel has never mingled with bourbon from another barrel. The trick to single barrel bourbon is that no two bottles are alike. The bourbon may taste different from bottle to bottle, depending on where that specific barrel was stored or what characteristics it took on from the barrel’s wood. Blanton is a great example of a single barrel bourbon if you want to try one at State & Allen.


Ready to sip some great bourbon? Visit State & Allen this week for a wide selection of bourbon at the best restaurant and bar in Uptown Dallas!

bourbon whiskey state and allen dallas texas.jpg

Mark Your Calendar: Puppy Pool Party at State & Allen!

State & Allen

You already know that State & Allen has the most dog friendly patio in Uptown Dallas.


In fact, we were the FIRST patio in Dallas to allow pets!


And with National Dog Day just around the corner, State & Allen wants to honor both you and your four-legged best friend with the perfect way to beat the summer heat – a Puppy Pool Party!


The party will take place on August 26 (National Dog Day), and here’s just a preview into what we’ve got up our sleeves!


Puppy Pools


I guess it goes without saying that you can’t have a pool party without a pool. We’ll keep your pup cool with pools conveniently located on the State & Allen patio for them to splash around in. It’s fun for your dog – and entertainment for you – all in one!


Snackin’ Waggin’ Truck


Have you seen the Snackin’ Waggin’ around town? Homegrown Hounds Dog Deli and Bakery runs the Snackin’ Waggin’ and provides – you guessed it – a food truck for dog treats! Treat your dog to wholesome doggy treats that give them great nutrition and proceeds from the sales go to the dog rescue Hound Haven.


Adult & Puppy Snow Cones


We’re not sure what goes into puppy snow cones, but they are sure to be good! Adult snow cones will be on hand too! (Feel free to ask us to spike yours with something good!)


Dallas Drink Specials


Speaking of spiked drinks, State & Allen will be serving up a wide variety of Dallas drink specials featuring Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, and Crown Royal. You won’t want to miss our handcrafted cocktails at just a fraction of the price! Of course, we’ll also have a wide selection of craft beer and wine on hand as well.


The event runs for 4-7pm on the State & Allen patio, and we can’t wait to see you there!


dog friendly patio dallas texas state allen

Best Mules in Dallas: “Make it a Mule Thursday” at State & Allen

State & Allen

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago, no one even knew what a mule was. Now, the Moscow Mule and it’s flashy copper mug has taken over and it’s the perfect summer cocktail. Refreshing. Light. Delicious.

Better yet –if you join State & Allen on a Thursday, you will get amazing drink specials on our entire lineup of mouthwatering mules. It’s a little something we like to call, “Make it a Mule Thursday.”


Drink Specials on the Best Mules in Dallas

From 7pm-Close on Thursdays, all of our Moscow Mules are just $3 a pop! Served ice cold in our copper mugs, it’s the perfect drink for cooling down on a hot summer evening. And at $3/each, you aren’t going to break the bank on ordering a few different flavors!


Which Mules Does State & Allen Offer?

In addition to the traditional mule, State & Allen offers a variety of the best mules in Dallas, perfect for summer. Each one is made with flavored Smirnoff Vodka. We love Smirnoff because it’s smooth, mixes well, and it comes in so many great flavors.  As for the mules, grab any one of the following flavors for just $3 on “Make it a Mule Thursday:”


·      Smirnoff Pineapple Vodka Mule

·      Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka Mule

·      Smirnoff Lime Vodka Mule

·      Smirnoff Sorbet Peach Vodka Mule

·      Smirnoff Original Vodka Mule (the traditional mule!)


Pair Your Mule with Late Night Pizza!

Here’s a little tip: Thursday nights are late night pizza nights at State & Allen, which means you can grab an amazing gourmet pizza and a $3 mule, and you’ve got the perfect dinner to start your weekend off right!


Ready to get your mule on? Join State & Allen this Thursday and “Make it a Mule” for just $3 each!! We can’t wait to see you at the best restaurant and bar in Dallas for summertime cocktails and more!

moscow mule best in dallas mule

What's on Tap at State & Allen?

State & Allen

Do you ever wonder what’s on tap at State & Allen? Did you know there is a simple way to check our draft list without every setting foot in our Dallas restaurant and bar? is the perfect resource to answer the question, “what’s on tap?!” State & Allen regularly updates the list, so you’ll always be current on what’s available today. It’s easy to visit the website or they have a handy app available for download as well.


A Few Favorites


While the list is ever changing – and we have too many favorites to list! – here are just a few of the beers on tap NOW that we can’t recommend enough:


·     Revolver Blood & Honey: An old favorite at State & Allen, our guests love it for its subtle hints of blood orange, Fall Creek Farms honey from right here in North Texas, and classic wheat flavor.

·     Goose Island Oktoberfest: Back for a limited-time, Oktoberfest is the perfect beer to ring in Fall. Beneath the beautiful copper coloring you’ll taste hints of dried apricots, toffee, and burnt sugar. 

·     Einstok Olgerd Icelandic Toasted Porter: Looking to try something new? Give this porter a try! This super dark, almost black, beer may look intimidating, but it will win you over with its toasty, chocolate malts and smooth texture.

·     Peticolas Sit Down or I’ll Sit you Down: No beer list is complete without a signature IPA. Peticolas does it right with this rich Imperial IPA, made to showcase the delicious hop flavors. But beware – at 10% ABV – this beer will definitely sit you down if you don’t sit down first!


Join us this week at State & Allen to enjoy these and other favorites on tap daily! Located at the corner of State St. and Allen St. in Dallas, Texas, we serve great beer, along with gourmet, scratch kitchen cookin’.