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2400 Allen Street in Uptown
Dallas, Texas 75204


State & Allen Kitchen+Bar is one of those Dallas neighborhood restaurants that's as real and as effortlessly fun as the people who frequent it.

A place for a quick cocktail, or impeccably prepared food accompanied by a selection from an impressive wine list.


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Brewery Spotlight: Tupps Brewery

State & Allen

State & Allen Kitchen + Bar recently revamped our beers on tap and we added a couple from a local Dallas-Fort Worth area brewery: Tupps Brewery.


Tupps Brewery – located in McKinney, Texas - hit the scene in 2015 and they won us over with their nod to rustic, historic Texas (the brewery is located adjacent to an old cotton mill after all), all while using state-of-the-art techniques to create some really great beer. Not to mention, State & Allen loves supporting local Dallas craft breweries. Here is Tupps recipe for success:


Step 1: Start with the Taste

When creating craft beer at Tupps Brewery, the founders – Keith Lewis and Tupper Patnode – turn to their tastebuds first. A blend of creativity, smell, and taste goes into deciding whether it makes the cut, and if it does, it moves on to Step 2.


Step 2: Refine with Technology

Once the beer tastes good and everyone is pleased with the product, Tupps Brewery uses its state-of-the-art equipment to add quality control and consistency to each batch.


Step 3: Taste the Beer Again

At the end of the day, it’s about the taste. Tupps goes back and tries the beer again, ensuring each batch is delicious.


So What’s on Tap at State & Allen?

Great question! 2 of our favorites from Tupps Brewery are currently featured on tap at State & Allen:


·      TUPPS Day Off: We love this beer because it’s easy to drink any day of the week! Light, refreshing… sip it on the patio with friends at State & Allen and you won’t be disappointed!

·      Raspberry Shade: The perfect seasonal beer for summer, TUPPS Raspberry Shade blends the taste of sweet summer berries into the classic wheat beer, TUPPS Texas Shade. It will soon be your summer go-to beer!


Join us at State & Allen this week to enjoy the best craft beer on tap and delicious drink specials in Dallas everyday of the week!

New Beers on Tap!

State & Allen

At the end of last year, we told you about our new affiliation with TapHunter: a great resource to stay up-to-the-minute on what State & Allen Kitchen + Bar in Uptown Dallas, Texas has on tap! Here are a few of the refreshing beers we’ve recently added:

·        Samuel Adams Cold Snap: Part of Samuel Adams’ spring collection, Samuel Adams Cold Snap is an unfiltered White Ale. Both sweet and spicy, the beer offers smooth, subtle flavors of plum, orange peel, and freshly ground coriander. It’s refreshing with just enough bite. Definitely one to try and only available from January to March!


·        Ballast Point Big Eye: One of Ballast Point’s star beers, Big Eye is a smooth IPA that helped raise awareness for fine San Diego IPAs. Taking a cue from the early English sea travelers who put extra hops in their beers to help preserve them longer, Ballast Point uses both American Columbus and Centennial varieties to produce a strong Imperial Pale Ale. It’s hoppy and flavorful. A good accompaniment? Try our Togarashi Crusted Catch or a Hawaiian Pizza.

ballast point big eye


·        Lakewood Holiday Bonus: Brewed right here in Dallas, Texas, Lakewood’s Holiday Bonus is a signature holiday brew. It’s brewed from November – January, so come in and try it before it’s gone! With hints of chocolate and orange peel, it will warm you up on a cold winter day. This is a great dessert beer, so save this one for after the meal.

lakewood holiday bonus

Come on in to State & Allen Kitchen + Bar to try these great draft beers and more! We currently have over 16 great beers on tap – all unique and specialty crafted throughout the United States. Bring some friends for one of our fabulous happy hours with happy hour specials galore, or bring a date for a date night not soon to be forgotten.