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2400 Allen Street in Uptown
Dallas, Texas 75204


State & Allen Kitchen+Bar is one of those Dallas neighborhood restaurants that's as real and as effortlessly fun as the people who frequent it.

A place for a quick cocktail, or impeccably prepared food accompanied by a selection from an impressive wine list.


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Our Texas Pride: Locally Crafted Spirits at State & Allen

State & Allen

Texas pride never dies.


Being from the Lone Star State, we’re proud to serve a huge selection of craft beer and spirits crafted right here in the great state of Texas. While our selection is vast, don’t be fooled into thinking we just offer anything on our menu. Each spirit is carefully selected for its unique flavor and quality finish.


So what Texas spirits are on our menu? Here are a few of our favorites, available now at State & Allen Kitchen + Bar:


·     Henderson Whiskey: Produced right here in Dallas, Henderson Whiskey is simply great whiskey. No need to jazz it up- order it neat and you’ll love the vanilla and cinnamon undertones. It’s perfect for someone who thinks they don’t enjoy whiskey. Trust us – try this one and it will change your mind!

·     Witherspoon Bourbon: Visit the Witherspoon Distillery in Lewisville, TX on a weekend and you’ll not only find great bourbon, but a great atmosphere too! We love this bourbon’s rich American taste. It’s smooth and 100 proof (that’s 50% alc. by volume people).

·     Tito’s Texas Vodka: Tito’s has become one of our favorites for mixing with just about anything. (Moscow Mule’s anyone?!) This delicious vodka is micro-distilled in Austin, Texas in old-fashioned pot stills. It’s quality you can taste.

·     Herman Marshall Rye: The only Texas Rye, Herman Marshall is pretty darn good stuff. While we normally recommend serving whiskey neat, trust us and try this one with an ice cube. It opens up the flavor of the rye, bringing out hints of vanilla.


Anyone else thirsty at this point?! Join us this week at State & Allen to enjoy Texas’ finest spirits! Conveniently located at the corner of State St. and Allen St. in Uptown Dallas, we’re open for lunch, dinner, Dallas happy hour, and late night drinks. 

Talent Behind the Food - New Executive Chef at State & Allen

State & Allen

At State & Allen, we pride ourselves on being the best. Best patio. Best atmosphere. Best drink specials. Best restaurant and bar in Uptown Dallas. And best chef calling the shots on our menu and culinary offerings.

We are proud to announce that Rhett Dukes – formerly our Chef de Cuisine – has now been promoted to Executive Chef at State & Allen Kitchen + Bar!

state allen executive chef dallas

Rhett Dukes has been with State & Allen's Dallas restaurant for quite some time, starting with State & Allen as a sous chef. Immediately, we recognized the tremendous talent that Rhett brought to the table, his passion for plating delicious and beautiful food, and his industry knowledge.

Rhett’s skill and expertise has been garnered over time, with each stop along his career path giving him a new perspective on culinary excellence. His career began in Houston, where he worked within several different restaurants, and then he was lead to Chicago to get a whole new perspective on food. In Chicago, he was promoted to Executive Chef Partner before returning to Texas, and ultimately, State & Allen Kitchen + Bar.

Not only is Rhett great with food, but we love that he’s cool as a cucumber, even under pressure! No job’s too big. No task too daunting. Rhett’s ability to think on his feet and handle difficult situations with ease are what set him apart and make him a true leader. We are proud to have Rhett leading the charge and can’t wait to see what he does as Executive Chef!

One of his first tasks has been to revamp our menu and give it a little more panache. Don’t worry – all your favorites are still there! – but Rhett has done an excellent job of infusing new flavors, ingredients, and stylings into our menu offerings. If you haven’t been to State & Allen Kitchen + Bar in awhile, it’s time to come in and give our new menu a try! Lots of new bistro menu options, along with appetizers, soups, salads, pizza, burgers, and more! We may be a little partial, but we think it’s the best food in Dallas!