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2400 Allen Street in Uptown
Dallas, Texas 75204


State & Allen Kitchen+Bar is one of those Dallas neighborhood restaurants that's as real and as effortlessly fun as the people who frequent it.

A place for a quick cocktail, or impeccably prepared food accompanied by a selection from an impressive wine list.


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5 Little Known Facts about Grey Goose Vodka - State & Allen

State & Allen

Grey Goose vodka is one of our favorite spirits here at State & Allen. We like it so much that we even dedicated an entire cocktail menu to Grey Goose mixology, a menu our bartenders carefully curated to enhance the flavors in Grey Goose itself.


In the world of premium vodka, Grey Goose is known as ultra-premium. But do you know much more than that? Let State & Allen fill you in on a few secrets of the Grey Goose brand. (Feel free to use this knowledge to impress your friends.)


1.  100% Produced in France – for Americans


Grey Goose has only been on the market since 1997 when an American named Sidney Frank had an idea for a high-end vodka brand. He wanted Americans to see his vodka as ultra-premium; therefore, he set up all operations for the brand in France – a place Americans see as affluent and luxurious. To this day, each and every bottle of Grey Goose is produced in France, and so are all of the ingredients and packaging.


2.  French Maitre de Chai, Francois Thibault, Runs the Show


Don’t be fooled. Grey Goose isn’t a faux French company. The cellar master, Francois Thibault, earned his stripes making Cognac in France. When he came on board at Grey Goose, he designed the entire production process, all done the French way for authenticity you can taste.


3.  All the Grey Goose in the World is Produced by 20 People


The operation in La Vallee de l’Oise is small, with about 20 employees total! All the better for tasting, as each batch of Grey Goose is taste tested before it ever leaves the facility. Employees take turns in the tasting room, giving their seal of approval. Sample premium vodka all day? Where do we sign up?!


4.  Wheat Based for a Smoother Texture


There are many different fermented materials that could be used in vodka – potatoes, barley, rye, grapes, etc. Grey Goose chooses to use wheat sourced from France’s breadbasket region. The wheat sown is soft winter wheat, and Grey Goose argues that their vodka has a softer, smoother texture given the use of wheat vs. other fermented grains.


5.  No Artificial Flavors


Did you know that even the flavored Grey Goose vodkas use real fruit juice to create the flavors? Not to mention, all of that fruit – except the oranges from Florida – come from France. Would you expect anything less?


All this talk of Grey Goose vodka has us in the mood for a cocktail! Join us this week at State & Allen - the best bar in Uptown Dallas - and ask for our Grey Goose Mixology menu!


What Sets State & Allen Apart

State & Allen

When founders Jonathan Calabrese and Tony Winkler were putting together a concept for State & Allen Kitchen + Bar, they knew they wanted their new Uptown Dallas restaurant and bar to be set apart. To be effortless and fun. A true neighborhood restaurant where friends could meet to mingle, watch a game, and enjoy a few drink specials. In laying the groundwork, they put together a plan for an incomparable experience with great food, location, design, and service.

  •  FoodWhether you join us for lunch, dinner, happy hour drinks and apps, or Sunday brunch, you’ll notice that our menu is anything but typical. At State & Allen, our goal is to plate the best food; food that inspires surprise and delight, while being simple and unpretentious. At the heart of each dish you’ll find fresh food purchased from local farmers and artisans. Our chefs believe food should be simple, local, fresh, and delicious. That’s why our chef-driven concept hinges on an appreciation for local foods and flavors – harnessing those flavors and turning them into unforgettable meals.


  • Location: Located in the heart of Uptown Dallas, we love being your neighborhood restaurant and bar! A hub for young professionals, Uptown is an upscale area of Dallas with many modern conveniences right at your fingertips. Yet, there’s a comfort and ease that comes with the walkability and vibrancy of the area.  It’s where we feel right at home.


  • Design: The design for our Uptown restaurant and bar mirrors the vibe of Uptown itself. It’s not stuffy and frou-frou. But it’s not a dive either. State & Allen offers a comfortable atmosphere that’s laid back and fun – and designed as such! Warm brick, butcher block tables, French-bistro style garage doors that can open on game days, honey cedar planked walls, etc. – these are the elements that feel cozy and inviting, offering casual elegance to your everyday meal.


  • Service: Our team prides itself on offering impeccable customer service – whether it’s when making a reservation or placing an order with one of our wait staff. Count on State & Allen to offer top notch service!
state allen restaurant dallas uptown

New Beers on Tap!

State & Allen

At the end of last year, we told you about our new affiliation with TapHunter: a great resource to stay up-to-the-minute on what State & Allen Kitchen + Bar in Uptown Dallas, Texas has on tap! Here are a few of the refreshing beers we’ve recently added:

·        Samuel Adams Cold Snap: Part of Samuel Adams’ spring collection, Samuel Adams Cold Snap is an unfiltered White Ale. Both sweet and spicy, the beer offers smooth, subtle flavors of plum, orange peel, and freshly ground coriander. It’s refreshing with just enough bite. Definitely one to try and only available from January to March!


·        Ballast Point Big Eye: One of Ballast Point’s star beers, Big Eye is a smooth IPA that helped raise awareness for fine San Diego IPAs. Taking a cue from the early English sea travelers who put extra hops in their beers to help preserve them longer, Ballast Point uses both American Columbus and Centennial varieties to produce a strong Imperial Pale Ale. It’s hoppy and flavorful. A good accompaniment? Try our Togarashi Crusted Catch or a Hawaiian Pizza.

ballast point big eye


·        Lakewood Holiday Bonus: Brewed right here in Dallas, Texas, Lakewood’s Holiday Bonus is a signature holiday brew. It’s brewed from November – January, so come in and try it before it’s gone! With hints of chocolate and orange peel, it will warm you up on a cold winter day. This is a great dessert beer, so save this one for after the meal.

lakewood holiday bonus

Come on in to State & Allen Kitchen + Bar to try these great draft beers and more! We currently have over 16 great beers on tap – all unique and specialty crafted throughout the United States. Bring some friends for one of our fabulous happy hours with happy hour specials galore, or bring a date for a date night not soon to be forgotten.