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2400 Allen Street in Uptown
Dallas, Texas 75204


State & Allen Kitchen+Bar is one of those Dallas neighborhood restaurants that's as real and as effortlessly fun as the people who frequent it.

A place for a quick cocktail, or impeccably prepared food accompanied by a selection from an impressive wine list.


What Makes a Great Pizza?

State & Allen

best pizza in dallas texas state and allen kitchen

Sometimes nothing satisfies like a great pizza. 


At State & Allen, we get this and our goal is to make the best pizza in Dallas. But it’s steep competition out there…what sets our pizza apart? Here’s what we think makes a pizza worthy of your affections:


The Crust

Here’s where it starts. Our dough is fresh and made in-house daily with only the finest ingredients. You’ll love the soft crust, perfect for dipping. And here’s another perk: we offer gluten free crust too! So whether you’re Celiac or just want to cut the gluten, State & Allen can accommodate you. Simply ask your server while ordering.


The Sauce

The tomatoes can make or break the sauce, and that’s why we only use the freshest, local tomatoes available. All of the tomatoes in our homemade sauce are Texas grown, creating a sauce that’s simmered to perfection.


The Toppings

Oh – the toppings. Whether you’d like to make your own pizza or choose from one our signature gourmet pizza offerings, one thing you can count on is choices! So many toppings to choose from. Everything from pepperoni and black olives, to pineapple and gouda, to roasted garlic and arugula, and even balsamic shallots and wild mushrooms. You can choose a signature favorite like the Mighty Meaty or Margherita, or you can make something that is entirely your own. Either way, how can you go wrong?


Half Priced Pizza

You know what makes good pizza great?! Pizza that’s half off! Come see us at State & Allen on Mondays and you’ll get all of our pies half off as part of our Monday special. Pair it with a craft beer or a bottle of wine and life is good. 


Join us this week for the best pizza in Dallas at State & Allen Kitchen + Bar!