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The Best Restaurant In Uptown (That's Also A Hip Whiskey Bar Too!)

Best Whiskey Bar in Dallas

The Best Restaurant In Uptown

Whether you’re looking for the best whiskey around or a Texas whiskey option that’s off the beaten path, our casual restaurant in Uptown, State & Allen has it all. If you’re a true Texan you know nothing compares to a chilled glass of whiskey on a hot day in a cozy, Dallas bar! No need to come by on a specific day or time of the week, because we offer our robust $6 whiskey list all day every day so you can enjoy it anytime.

Whiskey List 

We serve it up any way you like it: straight, on the rocks, or as a shot!

Buffalo Trace

Bulleit Rye

Crown Royal

Highwest Double Rye


Knob Creek

Makers Mark

Redemption Rye

Still Austin Bourbon

Slow & Low

Teeling Small Batch

1792 Bourbon

A Little History About Whiskey

Did you know all whiskey starts its life as beer? You read that right! Distilleries begin by fermenting grains, similar to beer brewers to release sugars that yeast will eventually convert into alcohol. The lifecycle of distilling whiskey is long and tedious, the minimum length of time a distiller should age whiskey is a whopping 3 years! How crazy is it that?! From birth to 3 years whiskey should not be consumed. That’s on the lower end, as some distillers prefer to age their whiskey 5 years, 10 years, or even 12 years, and the oldest whiskey is over 150 years old.

It’s no secret whiskey is the most popular liquor in the world, because whiskey is extremely versatile and an essential ingredient in many famous drinks at all the best bars in Dallas. Most whiskey has only 70 calories per shot and it has originated in a variety of different places across the globe, such as in the United States, Ireland, Scotland, and more. Whiskey can be used in cocktail recipes, shot recipes, for cooking, and so much more. Whiskey comes in handy when cooking dressings, desserts, soups, and more. 

Whiskey Fun Facts:

• The use of  “Whisky” and “Whiskey” are both accurate depending on where the whiskey originated

• Whiskey is known to have a grainy, woody, oaky taste with hints of caramel, vanilla, and spice

• Whiskey can be smooth or rather harsh depending on the quality 

• In the 18th century Washington was the largest American whiskey producer thanks to George Washington and his passion for whiskey

• Whiskey is a primary ingredient in Tabasco Hot Sauce

We might be a bit biased, but at State & Allen, we love serving up our best whiskeys paired with a tasty meal. It’s true, “whiskey” means “water of life”, and as whiskey lovers, that’s a philosophy we can get behind. State & Allen isn’t one of your typical bars in Dallas, we keep it casual on our street side patio, with our $6 whiskey, and eclectic menu that offers something everyone will love. Make plans to come by our restaurant in Uptown and try out our famous $5 whiskey list. After all, we are one whiskey bar in Dallas you don’t want to miss! Make your reservation today